About Carol

Carol 613

Carol Griffin’s interest in bridge began over 50 years ago.  But it wasn’t until returning to the U.S. after 20 years overseas that it turned from an interest to a passion.  She became an accredited ACBL teacher in 1985, and in 1991 became a Certified Bridge Director. Carol earned the honorary title of Master Teacher from ABTA and is currently a Ruby Life Master. Recently was awarded the membership on the National Good Will Committee from ACBL. She teaches and runs two games weekly when she is not traveling on cruise ships or taking her students to a destination bridge holiday.

Carol’s interest in people and her natural theatricality, developed as a flamenco dancer in Spain and Russia in her youth, gives a flair to her bridge classes.  Her degrees from the University of California and Graduate School of International Management have lead to the logical and clear teaching style for which she is known. She has taught for over 30 years and the game still excites her.

Despite her travels, she is in fact a 4th generation Californian.

Email Carol at   nobidd45@gmail.com
or call  925-933-3535


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