A Sampling of the Bridge Classes I Offer

♣ THE CLUBS SERIES is the official ACBL beginner’s bridge course on the basics of bidding and play and is also useful for rusty players to update their game. It’s an eight or ten week course which includes hand evaluation, opening 1NT, opening bids and responses, rebids by opener and responder, overcalls, takeout doubles and responses, and basic play concepts. Each class includes “hands on” practice in bidding and play. The course book is available from the instructor.

RUSTY BRIDGE is an eight or ten week course that is specially designed for those who want to update their bidding skills, improve their communication with their partners, and/or revive their “college days” playing skills. It begins with a thorough basic bidding review, followed by an introduction to preemptive and slam bidding, the Stayman convention, leads against NT vs. Suit Contracts, bidding in the “balancing seat”, and the distinction between forcing and non-forcing bids. Each session will consist of 1/2 hour lecture and 1 1/2 hours supervised play with predealt hands that illustrate the subject of the day. A workbook is available from the instructor at a cost of $10

 THE DIAMOND SERIES is the ACBL intermediate course (8 – 10 weeks) which focuses on “Play of the Hand“. The main objective is to develop a “Plan by Declarer” including the counting of winners or losers, developing tricks, finessing, eliminating losers, managing the trump suit, considering entries and avoiding the “dangerous” opponent. Each class will start with a short lecture, followed by exercises and then play and analysis of four predealt hands.The course book is available from the instructor.

♦+  THE DIAMOND-PLUS OR SUPERVISED PLAY is a series of 8 – 10 weeks designed to provide reinforcement of one’s bridge skills. Each week 8 predealt hands are played while Carol is available for advise (help) on bidding, declarer’s plan, or defensive strategy. Time permitting, there will also be randomly dealt hands for further exploration and fun. All hands will be discussed.

Part I is an eight week course which concentrates on defensive bidding and play. It encompass Leads against NT, Leads against Suit contracts, Second Hand play and Third Hand play.
Part II covers Defensive Signals, How to Develop Defensive Tricks, How to interfere with Declarer’s Plan, and Making a Defensive Plan. Again, there will be 8 predealt hands every other week to bid and play that demonstrate the lessons. The course book is available from the instructor.

MODERN BIDDING CONVENTIONS is a course (4-8 weeks) that covers a selection of bidding conventions including Stayman, Jacoby Transfers, Weak Twos and the Strong Two Club opener, Michaels Cue- Bid, Unusual NT bids, Negative Doubles, Forcing 1NT plus others. Balancing, third and forth seat bidding, and other confusing issues, like “reverse” bids, can also be addressed.

2/1  TWO OVER ONE is a popular variation of the Standard American bidding system This system helps the players to get to the best game contract or explore Slam possibilities at a lower level. We also introduce the response of 1NT as a forcing bidding to improve the partscore contracts. Each class will have practice hands to help experience this modification.

There are also several additional 4 week workshops that are offered from time to time from the following list:
End Play, Signals, Doubles, Improving your Judgment, Cue Bidding, Slam Bidding.

Courses are taught in two hour, weekly classes.


Carol has also created a set of reference “Rainbow Cards” for reviewing bidding concepts; these are available for $10.

Carol Griffin is an accredited ACBL “Star” teacher, an ABTA Master@ teacher, a Ruby Life Master, and an ABCL certified director, who loves the game and teaching.